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Art and Artists
Diane Wright Fine Art ~ American Heritage art. Visit her Old Barns to truly experience a soon-to-be-lost way of life.
Marie Brown Fine Art for highly accomplished and award-winning graphite pencil artwork - a "must see" website!
Vincent Whitehead Fine Art - Ballpoint pen art at its best. Featuring buildings, landscapes and more.
Mike Sibley Fine ArtThe definitive range of canine head-studies in graphite pencil ~ open and limited edition prints. "Studio Tips" for Artists' tutorials.
Bev's Animal Portraits
Bev's Animal PortraitsBev is a professional UK artist. Each beautifully detailed and lifelike portrait is individually hand painted and crafted with care to bring out the unique personality of your pet, showing him or her at their very best.
Art Forums & Groups
Even though the emphasis is on drawing, any art medium is welcome to be shared. They are a very supportive group of artists who enjoy sharing their creations and techniques, and will assist anyone who is interested in improving their artistic skills.
J.D. Hillberry and Mike Sibley joint venture — This board is dedicated to artists of all abilities who are interested in producing drawings as finished artwork rather than using it as a preparatory medium. Please feel free to post your work here and to offer helpful critiques for others.
Art Resources
Artur Kowalewski - photographer
Artur Kowalewski - Custom Photography
Starving Artists 2 offers free art galleries, and a Starving Artists personal subscription gallery will give you that vital online presence without any of the work! And the option of selling direct from your gallery.
"Drawing From Line to Life" by Mike Sibley, features methods, techniques, tricks of the trade, tutorials and much more in 288 pages. A 'must have' book for every artist from novice to professional.