My name is Artur Adamczyk, I was born in the south of Poland in 1972 and, since 2004, I now live with my family in the UK.

I like to sign my art with my nickname "PogArt" - a mix of POGON, the name of my birthplace (a district of my home town Sosnowiec), and ARTUR, which is working for art and artist too. So "PogArt".

For as long as I can remember I've been interested in many kinds of art. We're talking about the past, before the age of the Internet, so I was dependant on libraries and books in search of what I was interested in.

Usually it was about animals, and I bet I've still got my old diary somewhere, where I used to collect different kinds of interesting information on many subjects. I was interested in animals, Origami, news about the world, and everything else that a young boy enjoys to learn and discover.

I remember learning how to enlarge the outline of a dog using grid lines, the same way we trace our drawing subjects onto the paper. I was then making a figurine with some thick paper to which I glued matches so I eventually got a complete model of the dog made fully with matches.

That was my own idea and I haven't seen anything like it ever in my life. The idea came from building matchstick houses. I thought "if I can make the house with matches why not an animal?"

That example will give you some idea that I was always searching for something; discovering new things or making them my way… The art is an intrinsic part of me - in my blood.

I have always been drawing with ease. This is why I enjoyed drawing and art lessons at school, where I had many opportunities to show off with my different points of view of the subject.

I remember my friends doing their homework the simple way, just to get it done… I have always been trying to dig into it a bit deeper, to figure out how to do something differently. I always tried to draw well, better than the others, to say something more with my drawing. And I did win some drawing competitions at school.

Unfortunately, my parents didn't try to send me to an art school to keep me in this direction, and I wasn't smart enough to fight for it. I didn't know anybody who was drawing, who was an artist, or was able to live from their art creativity alone.

I didn't think this way then, ever... until the last two years.

My first drawing in over 20 years In 2015 my sister asked me to draw her beloved pet cat who had passed away due to a fatal disease. I hadn't drawn for over 20 years, but my sister insisted I had to draw the memorial portrait. So I started my research through YouTube to find out how artists deal with drawing pets, and to see the different techniques and media they use.

When I'd completed the drawing, my sister approved it, and I received many positive comments on my Facebook page too. This unexpected experience gave me the strength to carry on drawing.

Using the Internet these days it's very easy to access all necessary drawing media and books, and to join forums to get in touch the other artists. That is exactly what I did.

I've had the pleasure to meet Mike Sibley drawing artist, to join his and JD Hillberry's, and I'm learning from them since then and keeping in touch. I am enjoying drawing, I love to draw, I love to please my customers with the portraits of their family members or pets.

There is still a lot to practice, a lot to learn - I think it's like a martial art: you're learning and practising all your life and even when you've mastered all the skills necessary, there will be always something new that keeps you learning and practising.

You are very welcome on my website, I hope you'll enjoy my drawings and will appreciate my effort to bring you closer to all I can do for you - the pencil drawings.

Thank you